1 min readMay 4, 2022

TERATTO METAVERSE is the world’s first healthcare infrastructure Metaverse that connects medical service sales, marketing, education, exposition, medical tourism, etc. to global B2B and B2C by building business platforms such as Medical, Health, Marketing, etc., and hospitals related to the healthcare industry as infrastructure in the Metaverse.

In TERATTO METAVERSE, users can demonstrate and share medical technology and information with each other by combining medical technology based on VR, AR, and AI, and you can purchase desired medical information and medical services anywhere in the world. Medical centers or clinics can freely promote their own medical services such as procedures and surgeries within Metaverse.

In addition, free business and revenue can be created within the Metaverse through API linkage with medical data utilization, sales, and existing healthcare-related business platform businesses.

By establishing various infrastructures, medical and health-based businesses such as medical expositions, remote consultations and reservations, and medical information exchange through lectures and seminars can be expanded to B2B and B2C.


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