1 min readJul 20, 2022

As a system for using TERATTO METAVERSE,

1️⃣ The user’s identity verification must be done by all users who use the service, and the wallet address is basically registered as unique identification information.

2️⃣ Various transaction contracts such as B2B / B2C contracts and NFT creation, exchange, and trading by using smart contracts.

3️⃣ Revenue share from payment and data sales using wallets and tokens, NFT sales revenue, and management through TERATTO Dashboard.

4️⃣ An interlocking system to transmit data of various equipment and devices using IoT to TERATTO or connected hospitals and companies.

5️⃣ API system support for linking companies, hospitals, and telecommunication companies that service digital health care.

It provides the most basic system for ID, contract, transaction, data transmission, and metaverse linkage of individuals, companies, hospitals, etc. to use TERATTO.

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