The system of TERATTO METAVERSE consists of:

2. Payment control server to provide services such as cash, simple payment, cryptocurrency payment, rewards, and discounts

3. Database server for managing various data such as information, transaction, statistics, data analysis and processing of all services provided by TERATTO METAVERSE

4. Gateway server that connects healthcare-related hospitals, companies, research institutes, Dapps, platforms, devices, equipment, etc. with API and is a passage to each system of TERATTO METAVERSE

The system is more complicated, but from the perspective of users who want to use TERATTO, it can be used with VR/AR related devices, computers, and smartphones through the TERATTO Content & communication interface module provided by Metaverse.

More detailed information will be provided separately on the TERATTO Website and GitHub in the future development process.

Welcome to official TERATTO channels:



Metaverse for digital healthcare

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