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Each city distributes the TERATTO service, which consists of meta-bus content, healthcare services, and data transactions. Healthcare, a core service, is separated into four B2C-based medical, health, beauty, and B2B-based commercial interworking.

TERATTO CITY, the main city, offers object sales, NFT minting and transactions, community services for announcement and proposal/posting in the Metaverse, and other services to facilitate virtual real estate transactions and leases (land, buildings), avatar generation, and the Metaverse.

External cities associated with TERATTO City include Medical City, Health City, Beauty City, and Business City. Even within the city, the streets are segregated by industry category; access to each city is available by a portal, and travel within the city is enabled through avatar control.

Stores by city can also buy land and construct buildings, as well as trade or rent existing buildings.

The interior of the building can communicate with users through basic objects provided by TERATTO, such as interior and VR/AR, video, image, voice conversation, dialogue window, and so on, and various services such as telemedicine, data storage by devices, and notification services for dangerous groups are provided. These objects can be easily positioned and set for each category, and more advanced objects can be used after paying with NFT.

In addition to being provided by TERATO, for the store to provide its specialized service, it is possible to link the API supplied by TERATO API Document to show users the results of the video, images, documents, and other types of media. Programs that show the result value will use the extension of a commonly used file.

Welcome to official TERATTO channels:

💊Twitter — twitter.com/terattoofficial
💊Facebook — facebook.com/terattoofficial
💊Telegram — t.me/teratto_official
💊Reddit — reddit.com/user/teratto_official
💊Webpage — http://teratto.io




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