2 min readMay 5, 2023

The core of the digital healthcare infrastructure Metaverse is to connect users and various companies in the healthcare industry, including hospitals, universities, telecommunications, and platforms.

In a virtual space, we need a digitalized world where anyone can easily join, meet, deliver information, purchase products, and manage health, that is, the Metaverse. In addition, we need the establishment of an integrated API system that can provide services by connecting numerous companies, hospitals, and schools, a security system that protects non-identifiable personal information, health care services, health care products, and an NFT service that can purchase a real estate or avatar that can be operated in a virtual space.

It is trying to develop a new business of selling data products by making big data through collecting, analyzing, and processing various data such as the level of purchase of a lot of non-identifying medical information collected in this way and health care-related products and the level of interest in information.

“We name this project as TERATTO PROJECT.”

TERATTO is a compound word of TERA and ATTO, which means to expand the near-infinite infrastructure of digital healthcare within the TERATTO Metaverse.

To this end, we intend to build a global digital health care infrastructure Metaverse that connects numerous health care businesses, so that anyone can easily link B2B and B2C businesses required in the health care industry.

Furthermore, we will proceed with the project aiming at an unprecedented hyper-infrastructure digital health care that can be expanded by connecting various platforms and Dapps of digital health care through the Metaverse.

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