2 min readApr 30, 2023

For the expansion and preoccupation of the rapidly developing digital healthcare market, we intend to present a new concept, breaking away from the existing structure, to present a new paradigm in the digital healthcare ecosystem by solving unresolved problems.

It is to build a true digital healthcare infrastructure Metaverse by solving existing problems such as interoperability, medical specificity, distance and language, information delivery problems, and personal medical information protection by building an integrated digital healthcare Metaverse.

We aim to develop a digital healthcare Metaverse and to provide true digital health care services that collect, analyze, and provide data by integrating new equipment, devices, and wearables developed in all areas of healthcare-based services, product sales, marketing, community, education, etc.

In other words, we intend to construct a new ecosystem through the Metaverse, where anyone can easily sell their technology, equipment, service, product, and marketing by building an infrastructure for the entire digital health care area except for special fields in medical.

Consumers do not have to try to obtain information from other sources to obtain health care information, and health care industry officials can provide various services by creating their own virtual space within the Metaverse.

Through these concepts and systems, we are trying to pioneer a new market through the digital healthcare infrastructure Metaverse that has never existed before.

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