TERATTO is a digital healthcare infrastructure Metaverse that is used by all companies, hospitals, and users doing medical, health, beauty, and B2B businesses based on the VR/AR systems, the API systems that can interoperate with companies and hospitals, the management & payment systems using blockchain and the data sales system that share revenue through collection/analysis/processing/sales by utilizing data within the virtual Metaverse.

Although we do not develop our own technologies, equipment, platforms, services, and products, we integrate everything developed and serviced by numerous companies, hospitals, universities, telecommunications, and platform companies to build a virtual space that users can easily find and purchase as an infrastructure. Through this, it is a Metaverse that can organically connect, support, market, and sell products.

Through this, they can provide their own technology and services to customers all over the world, and by linking devices, customers are connected with hospitals, tele- communications, universities, companies, etc. and can immediately check whether there is an abnormality in health. Even with independently developed technology, information can be delivered in the format of AR/VR, video, and images from customers and remote medical care by interworking through TERATTO’s API.

In addition, the unique identification information of all customers who have signed up for Metaverse is registered by a wallet address, and all items such as health care services, products, avatars, land, and buildings purchased in Metaverse are produced and sold with NFTs, so the TERATTO database contains customer information that has only non-identifying information about who it is. In relation to AR/VR, video, and images that hospitals and companies connected to Metaverse show to customers through APIs, the healthcare hospitals and companies have customer information and TERATTO only plays the role of connecting and showing customers. Therefore, even with the risk of hacking, information that can identify customers cannot be leaked.

Based on this, data will be collected, analyzed, and processed to build big data that anyone can easily obtain information on, and various services such as health care-related statistics and trends, skin type, and color tone will be provided through AI algorithms.

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Metaverse for digital healthcare

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