TERATTO CITY — Virtual Space

2 min readFeb 26, 2023


You can enter and provide your own service at any moment since TERATTO grants a free area of a particular size (part of the building) to the store providing healthcare services.

Virtual real estate is offered through pre-booking and paid for through a lottery when demand is high, and all of them are compensated by NFT to have ownership of their real estate.

General users are restricted from participating as a marketing factor to benefit the stores in providing services, and only the stores with proof of current healthcare service (corporate certificate, hospital opening license, health food sales license, beauty product sales license, etc.) is given pre-booking authority.

Land and buildings can be purchased with NFT supplied by TERATTO if there is a space shortage in addition to virtual real estate paid in advance or to expand to a huge space due to marketing factors. A built-in object or one purchased separately can be used to configure the interior and equipment in the area.

The first NFT has a fixed price, and the price after that is determined by user transactions. Even if it is not a healthcare service company, it is possible to raise, sell, or rent buildings using virtual real estate.

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