TERATTO CITY — NFT Minting & Trade

2 min readMar 13


All transactions on TERATTO are based on NFT, and those that make up the TERATTO economy can be acquired through TERATTO Market, and future transactions can be done between users.

Except for a fee at the TERATTO Market, all gains are sent to the user who sold the transaction at this time, and the transaction details and confirmation of the NFT may be seen on the user’s dashboard.

Additionally, after sending NFT to one’s wallet, there is no fee for transactions in other markets, however, gas costs for transactions must be paid by individuals and are no longer visible on dashboards that can confirm transactions because they are no longer part of the TERATTO blockchain network.

Originally, TERATTO issued NFT directly; however, NFT issued by healthcare companies must be minted separately using the TERATTO Minting System.

Before issuing minting, healthcare stores must write down NFT’s release date, usage deadline, quantity, NFT content, usage limit, and so on, and minting is performed by deciding whether to issue NFT with NFT’s smart contract and which blockchain network to use, as well as for deciding up to what point in IPFS to upload the image.

Although the content is complex, it is simple to understand distributing gift certificates. We’ll build up a system for each usage option ahead of time, and you’ll just have to put it on the TERATTO Market after setting the content, image, and deadline.

Afterward, through consultation with users visiting the store, they can be sold in the city market, or they can be sold by connecting to a store’s website or registering in another market

The price can be determined when the store registers in the TERATTO Market.

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