2 min readMar 9


TERATTO collects healthcare data along with services that provide the infrastructure of digital healthcare metadata, converts it into big data, and provides a data transaction system that can be purchased from national institutions, research institutes, hospitals, and universities that need it.

The data consists of only unidentified information that is unknown to the person, and it collects various information such as stores, equipment, devices, customers, and surveys linked to TERATTO, analyzes them with age, purchase history, physical information, skin information, and genetic information, and sells basic big data and visualized data.

Afterwards, by using AI-based machine learning, TERATO takes information about various conditions such as age, gender, industry, and location that it wants to share or that customers want to know, and sells it to customers who want to know

Profits from the sold data are distributed through smart contracts to each user who supplies the information and are paid instantly. It provides a system that can earn profits even with individual de-identification information.

Based on this information, new technology development and AI-based big data information services will be offered, and healthcare information will be provided free of charge to customers using TERATTO, as well as AR-based customized products for healthcare and beauty when enough data is accumulated in the future.

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