TERACON (TRC) is a cryptocurrency used by TERATTO and is a token base on digital healthcare expert network.

2 min readJan 12, 2023

In TERATTO, various wallets such as MetaMask that can be used in connection with NFT are basically connected, and TERACON can be used for payment of contents, healthcare services and products, data transaction, and NFT productions in TERATTO.

TERACON is not a simple cryptocurrency, but a cryptocurrency that connects the global health care-based Metaverse and the real economy, and it can be used for purchasing various contents and services and trade products made with NFT.

The way to get TERACON is to participate in the games, communities and events provided by TERATTO, surveys and events provided by store companies, and receive them as rewards or purchase them through the exchange.

In particular, TERACON, which is distributed over 30 years to TERATTO users, accounts for 65% of the total issued tokens, and plans to enable DeFi, Token swap, and staking by linking with other Metaverse and platforms. In addition, various usages will be provided in addition to digital healthcare by signing contracts with global overseas purchasing agencies.

However, DeFi and usage are not related to the main business and will be proceeded as expansion of usage by contract.

In addition, since TERATTO uses various types of land, buildings, objects, and real economy-based services and products as NFTs, we will avoid blockchain networks with high fees such as Ethereum as much as possible, and select blockchain networks with low minting fees, high scalability, and high speed such as Polygon, Flow, and Solana.

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