All products serviced by TERATTO provide a system that allows consumers to pay as they wish, such as card payment, simple payment, and TRC.

Card payment and simple payment are applied at the regular price offered by the store, but discounts or rewards are not applied.

However, when TERACON payment is made, discounts and rewards are applied by smart contract. In particular, in the medical field within the healthcare service, a 10% or more discount is mandatory for beauty (plastic surgery, skin, etc.), dentistry, health checkup, and products.

This is to revitalize the TERACON ecosystem, and the entering stored companies can choose to give a discount of 10% or more for marketing and competition.

Virtual services and products that can be used immediately within TERATTO can be purchased immediately, but service products provided by visiting actual hospitals or beauty companies must be sold as NFT. This is to accurately record the time used in the real economy, product information, and AS, etc. in the NFT to eliminate future problems with each other, and to make it possible for NFT owners visit to use the sold products at any time through proof of ownership.



Metaverse for digital healthcare

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