Metaverse is TERATTO’s core service, and its structure is largely divided into a virtual world made up of cities, an economic system that sells and trades healthcare services and products, and content modules to support and service them.

First, the Virtual World is land, buildings, etc. to compose the space of the city, and it is composed of the real estate for entering the store of health care companies that provide various services in TERATTO, the creation of avatars for users who use TERATTO and employees (doctors, counselors, nurses, salespeople, etc.) of companies that provide services, and the various objects required for TERATTO’s ecosystem, space, and services.

This is the most basic system constituting TERATTO’s Metaverse and is divided into regions / industries / services to form detail commercial districts.

Second, the Economic System supports all economic systems of TERATTO, and various services and products can be sold in one’s own building, and can be registered and sold in a separate open market.

By organizing information-providing communication, lectures, fairs, etc. into categories, the entering companies can promote themselves in any way they want, and users can acquire information about their fields of interest and medical care at any time.

Payment is basically the same as in the real world, and supports various currencies such as $, €, £, ¥, credit cards, and simple payment. And Teracon (TRC), TERATTO’s cryptocurrency, is used for price discounts, rewards, purchases of virtual real estate and objects, marketing, and commissions.

In addition, NFTs can be used to purchase real estate, avatars, and objects that make up the metaverse. Entering stored companies create and sell services and products to be sold with NFTs, and purchasers visit actual stores to use the service by being checked NFTs or they can receive the item will be delivered immediately after purchasing the NFT. Because the contents and prices of all services and products can be recognized by users, price policies and service policies through competition can be judged by the store and registered in real time.

Third, the Content Module is a communication system that allows users to use TERATTO or to view, listen, and have conversations with various contents provided by stores.

As mentioned in the health care problem, it was difficult to interoperate with many software and hardware serviced around the world because it was difficult to standardize each other. In order to solve this problem, TERATTO provides and links an API system that can serve as a file that can show only the generated result value, rather than linking the data exchanged by software or hardware to the entering stored company.

Therefore, the entering stored companies must provide a system that provides to TERATTO with the most standardized extension (Filename extension) for looking, speaking, and listening, and they just have to show it to users through API linkage.

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Metaverse for digital healthcare

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