2 min readJan 30, 2023

Each city is made up of 3D Metaverse.

Cities are divided by their industries. Medical clinics, for example, are split by distance into medical checks, plastic surgery, dermatology, dental, and allergy sections.

Each city is connected by a teleport portal, making it easy to move, and the signboards of the entered companies can be easily checked by attaching them to the outside of all buildings.

It is not initially established in addition to each area being used and cannot be moved, however, the city will progressively expand as the number of stores increases.

Each city has its own business NFT market, which allows stores and users to easily trade, and the NFT market in TERATTO CITY integrates all of these, arranges them into categories, and provides services.

Therefore, stores in each city can be entered for free, provide services in conjunction with IoT-based equipment, wearables, and devices, give specialized services to consumers through API linkage, and register and sell their items in the market by converting them to NFT.

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