2 min readJan 6, 2023

TERATTO BIGDATA is used for a various of services such as the sales by the usage of data and the presentation of customized cosmetics by identifying problems such as color tone, skin type, wrinkles, and pigmentation by a skin analysis system using VR/AR that will be provided as a service within the Metaverse.

When TERATTO collects data, we do not collect customer information such as name, ID No, contact information, and e-mail that can be contacted. And only information on wallet address, age, gender, purchase method, service used, purchased product information, etc. is collected, analyzed, and processed.

By turning this into big data, companies, hospitals, institutions, countries, etc. can select, extract, and purchase the information they need. At this time, all individuals who have provided the extracted data are distributed and paid all other than a certain fee.

In addition, a skin analysis system linked with a beauty company is provided free of charge through an AI algorithm, so that anyone can know about cosmetics according to their skin type, and it also provides a system that allows user to identify in advance medical-related information and beauty information due to their genetics in connection with a genetic analysis company.

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